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Benney Plastics based out here in Chennai who deal with all types of plastic regrind/ chips with all colours with utmost quality supplying to major blow moulders, dip moulders and injection moulders. We are in this business for last 40+ years with 2nd generation taking it over and serving our customers with pride and dignity. Polymer Recycling is the key to sustainable environment growth. Sources say; Recycling plastics reduces the amount of energy and natural resources (such as water, petroleum and natural) needed to create virgin plastic. And also it keeps them out of landfills and allows the plastics to be reused in manufacturing new products. Recycling one ton of plastic saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space.

All our products are Industrial/ Company waste/ scrap sourced through Industrial tenders and are of utmost quality next to virgin. We deal mainly with HM-HDPE Blue & Natural; HDPE (Blow & Injection); LDPE & PP.

Needless to mention our undoubted Customer focus that has made us survive in this field of Plastics recycling for 40+ years; we cater the needs of the customer in terms of exact Granule size, Melt Flow Index (MFI) and certainly with the best affordable price in the market.

With the recent development in Grinding infrastructure projects within the company we have revolutionized the concept of grinding massive lumps/ jammed lumps which are usually left off or dumped as unusable. We even make them recyclable using our advanced equipment in converting them into regrind/ granules for further use.

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