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Welcome to Benney Plastics: . Your one stop solution for recycled 1st grade materials *HM-HDPE-Blow Grade*HDPE-Injection Grade*PP-CP. Pioneers of recycling for more than 40 years you can surely expect the finest quality of reprocessed granules/ re-grind from Benney Plastics. The materials are recycled to its absolute purity not mixed with any other grades so the originality of the material remains the same forever whenever recycled. Deep dive into the various sections of this website to understand the various services and products we offer.

Our Products


HM-HDPE-Blow Grade


HDPE-Injection grade



HM-HDPE-Blow grade(all colors)
HM-HDPE - Specializing in HM grade materials; this is the top class volume product of us in supplying to major blow moulders.HM_....
HDPE-Injection grade(all colors)
HDPE - Injection grade - Perfectly suited Injection grade with finest MFI to suit Crate/ Tray/ Pallet manufacturers and other co....
PP-CP - Polypropylene Copolymer (PPCP) is widely used in Plastic Processing Industry to Make variety of Products such as Pa....
LDPE - Paper grade LDPE upon request. Rare material to avail in high volume.....
About us

Benney Plastics based out here in Chennai who deal with all types of plastic regrind/ chips with all colours with utmost quality supplying to major blow moulders, dip moulders and injection moulders. We are in this business for last 40+ years with 2nd generation taking it over and serving our customers with pride and dignity. Polymer Recycling is the key to sustainable environment growth. Sources say; Recycling plastics reduces the amount of energy and natural resources (such as water, petroleum and natural) needed to create virgin plastic.

Our Services

Benney Plastics specializes in All Industrial Scrap/ Company Waste – Highest quality plastics which are next to Virgin grade of the below:
• HM-HPDE – Blue & Natural – Re-grind Chips & Granules.
• HDPE – Regrind Chips & Granules.
     (i)Blow Grade – All colours – Best suited for Pipe & Barrels (All sizes), Containers manufacturing.
     (ii)Injection grade – Best suited for Crates/ Trays manufacturing.
• Job work – Specialists in Grinding – Massive Lumps/ Jammed Lumps into Re-grind at affordable prices.
• PP – All colours CP Grade – Regrind Chips & Granules.

All goods are ex-works.

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